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Toydior Gini in D Bottle

Otherwise known as Giny.  11 1/2" at shoulder.  PRA clear by parentage.

Giny is our new red girl with beautiful thick curly dark red hair.  She is still quite young so is a bit of a ratbag, full of energy and juvenile delinquent who gets into all sorts of mischief and causes trouble.  Her pedigree name might be Toydior Gini in D Bottle, but it is more like out of the bottle rather than in the bottle!  She likes to suck up to the other dogs, but they don't like it and growl at the young juvenile.  She is a typical water dog, loves getting wet and "helps" Judith by biting the water coming from the hose when Judith  waters the garden.  She likes pickups and cuddles, but her attention span is somewhat short.  Giny is one dog who is not interested in tennis balls, but finds puppies fascinating.  Her favurite activities are walkies on wet grass and practicing the poodle zip on the front lawn.  She has been gentle with Lucy's puppies, and keeps a close eye on them to make sure they are ok, which is an encouraging sign for when she has her own puppies.  Giny is a big strong girl who we are hoping will be a great mum to many puppies into the future.  Many thanks to Marie Lantouris of Toydio Poodles for our Giny.  She is a lot of fun.


Giny has had one litter of 4 beautiful puppies.



Giny Pedigree certificate