Chippindall Toy Poodles

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Chippindall I Love Lucy (Lucy)  has been tested PRA clear

Lucy is Ruby's puppy and is our only breeding female at the moment.  She is a beautiful dark chocolate brown, very pretty little girl, showdog quality.  She is darker than Ruby at the same age and her face is dark so we are hoping she stays a dark brown longer than her mother.  We like to call her Lucy Bee.

Lucy is definitely Ruby's puppy.  Very active, can't stay in one place for more than a few minutes, very affectionate, and she has inherited Ruby's appetite.  Very patient waiting for food, but not for anything else!   Lucy's favorite activity is retrieving a tennis ball, second favorite activity is eating breakfast lunch and dinner.  She will chase after a tennis ball all day if we could only keep throwing it all day.  That is not like her mum who would much rather wander off and hunt.  Being thin and with long legs, she can run as fast as Poppy, so Poppy has real strong competition to the tennis ball now.  She is also one smart dog.  The other dogs will run off and chase the neighbour's dog up and down the fence, but not Lucy.  She stays back with Peter because she then has the tennis ball all to herself!  Lucy is a lap dog who loves to be on Judith's lap.  Being the youngest of the pack, she is at the bottom of the pecking order and the girls bully her, but she doesn't seem to mind, she just needs to be careful and not get in one of the bully girl's road.  Charley loves Lucy, but then he does seem to like the younger girls.

Lucy had two lovely puppies in Ocotober 2017.


Lucy at 7 months old

Lucy at 12 weeks

Lucy as a little puppy 8 weeks old


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