Chippindall Toy Poodles

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Chippindall Lilianfel (Lily)

Lily was to be our new breeding female after Ruby and Ebony retire.  From her coat colour she obviously has the red gene from her father so the idea was to mate her with Charley and she would then have some red puppies.  Unfortunately Lily developed a problem we don't want to pass on to the next generation so we won't breeding from her.   She has been desexed and will stay with us as a pet.

Lily is Ebony's puppy and in some aspects is very much like her mum.  Lily is a lap dog.  She loves laps, and doesn't particularly care who's lap it is.  Peter calls her LapLilly.  She usually warms Peter's lap every evening while watching TV.  She is our main watch dog, or at least she thinks she is.  Unfortunately she specialises in false alarms, there are several every day, and false alarms at 4am are not popular.  Like Ebony she is a pretty dog and does like to maintain her own personal space and does like to be comfortable.  When the other dogs are busting to go for their morning walk, Lily is still cosy in bed and Judith has to drag her out for her morning walk.  She does like to sleep in, breakfast in bed is appreciated, and she goes through her morning stretch exercises when she does get up for her walk.  Judith calls her Miss Madam.  Unlike Ebony she loves fetching a tennis ball and now she is grown up she is serious competition to grandma Poppy because she can run almost as fast as Poppy and can pick up where the ball is quicker than any of the other dogs.  Lily loves pickups and cuddles so she makes a great pet.

Lily at 3 months old


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