Chippindall Toy Poodles

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Puppies for sale

A toy poodle puppy is a lovely, super cute beautiful little cuddly animal.  Very attractive, but they are not a toy, they are on average around a 14 year commitment which comes at a cost, not just in dollar terms, but they are also a big time commitment.  Costs can add up quickly so the decision to buy a puppy needs to be taken carefully and seriously.  Be smart and be realistic, so your puppy will get the love and care it deserves.  To help estimate the costs involved here is some additional information and an on line cost estimator -   The purchase cost of a puppy is actually a small part of the total lifetime cost of your dog.  Having said that, a toy poodle will give you back so much joy and love and will become such an important part of the family that the dollar costs are repaid many times over.

All puppies come vet checked, vaccinated, microchipped, wormed, groomed and with pedigree papers on the limited register (pet only).  The parents are tested for PRA so none of our puppies will go blind due to prcd PRA.

Demand for toy poodle puppies at the moment is very high.  Many customers have told us they can't find a puppy, and breeders we know have been swamped with enquiries.  We had hundreds of enquiries in 2017, and with a total of only 5 puppies in 2017 we could only make 5 people happy.  Not a good situation for people wanting a pet, and it has also become difficult for breeders to get females to breed from.  We have never before had to disappoint so many people and for that we apologize, but there is nothing we can do about it.

No puppies available at this time.  Next litter is expected from Lucy around October 2018.  Email to get on the waiting list.


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