Chippindall Toy Poodles

Date last updated 01/08/2018

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Welcome to Chippindall Toy Poodles

We are a small breeder of pedigree Toy Poodles, located in Bega on the far south coast of NSW.  We have one or two litters of puppies a year from one or two breeding females.  Our dogs are much loved companion animals that have the run of the house.  More like spoilt rotten pampered pooches!  No cages and no kennels here, the dogs live and sleep in the house.  Judith is a registered breeder with Dogs NSW and Peter is a member of Dogs NSW.  Judith does the breeding (registered breeder with Dogs NSW, prefix CHIPPINDALL, membership number 2100051813) and clipping of the dogs, Peter does the marketing of the puppies.

Why Poodles?  The big advantage of Poodles is that they do not have fur.  Their coat is hair, so it does not shed like other dogs.  So, no dog hairs all over the house.  They also don't smell, so make great house pets, but they do need regular clipping of the hair.  In general they tend to be very intelligent dogs, although that will vary between individuals.

We don't show our dogs.  Judith is not interested in competing with other dog owners, she would rather live a stress free life, enriched by her "fur children" (the dogs).  Not only that, but we are getting too old to be running with a dog in the show ring.  We aim to breed healthy, well adjusted dogs with good temperament that conform to the Toy Poodle type and make wonderful family pets.  That is pretty close to a good show dog as well, so although we mostly register our puppies on the limited register, our puppies can be sold registered on the main register if you want to show your puppy.  In fact one of Ebony's puppies won first prize in the puppy section at the 2015 Bermagui dog show.  All our dogs are pedigree dogs registered with Dogs NSW.  Good health is very important, as we discovered to our cost years ago (see how it started).  We test for prcd PRA which is the most common form of inherited blindness in poodles so none of our puppies will go blind because of prcd PRA.  Any puppies on the main register will either come with a DNA PRA test certificate, or are PRA clear by parentage.

Judith has two grandchildren who love dogs, so the temperament of our dogs and especially the puppies get very thoroughly tested!  Any aggressiveness is completely unacceptable, and the children soon make it obvious if there is any problem.  Both our breeding females are great with the children, and the puppies are used to being handled by children.

Here are our temperament testers, Maddison on the right (now 8yo), Ciara on the left (now 7yo).  This picture was taken on Ciara's 3rd birthday -


Here is our house, otherwise known as "Poodle Palace"

Here are the "fur children".  From left, Lucy, Lily, Ebony, Ruby, Charley (front), Marley and Poppy


Here is the view of the Bega Valley we have from our front verandah.

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